Twiggs Florist 169 Queen, Kensington, Kensington,Gauteng

Twiggs Florist 169 Queen, Kensington

With more than 30 years flower arrangment and gifts experience,Twiggs Florist still deliver Flowers of above standard.Twigs flower and twiggs gifts special for wedding flower arrangement.We at Twiggs Floris, Twigs Flower, deliver to you wedding venue.Meet one of our flower wedding consultants at 169 on Queen,Kensington. Twiggs flower use the finest twigs in there wedding arrangements.Our Twigs Florist delivery man will deliver fresh,heavenly,princess flours,to your wedding venue. Twiggs Florist deliver vehicles all have the lovely Red Rose Twiggs logo on them.You cannot miss the beautiful red rose  logo making sure that your twigs and flowers arrangements, gets on your wedding table. Twiggs & Red Rose's are one of our favourite Twiggs floral arrangements. We also supply your wedding guests with wedding favours.A wedding day is the most memorable gift for any fairy princess and flowers & twiggs make a spectacular wedding day.Gifts from small to large with red rose ribbons,from twiggs florist will make you remember the twiggs florist flowers & gift and your wedding gifts


ID: 104654024  Twiggs Florist 169 Queen, Kensington, Kensington,Gauteng
ID: 104654024
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169 Queen Street, Kensington,Gauteng 2094, South Africa
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